Main Courses
All of our chicken dishes are made from fresh chicken supplied by Grampian Country Chicken from Banff in Aberdeenshire.

Chicken Curry.    
For those who do not like it hot.  Ian offers a fresh creamy curry, made with fresh chicken and served on a bed of rice, or perhaps if you prefer with chips.

Half Roast Chicken.
A half roast chicken served with two fresh vegetables and fries, with a rich gravy to complete the dish.

Chicken Leek & Highland Crowdie.
Once again fresh Scottish chicken.  Here we take the white meat and break this into pieces.  This is then cooked in a creamy white sauce that contains leeks, some blue cheese and of course some soft Crowdie style cheese from Tain in the Highlands.  This produces a flavourful modern dish not to be missed.

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarian Lasagne
Chef takes fresh pasta and builds this in layers between vegetables.  Served with garlic bread and salt and black pepper potato wedges

Broccoli Bake
A vegetarian pie with broccoli bound up in a light vegetarian sauce.  Served with vegetables and chips.

Sweets and after Dinner items

A full selection of sweets.  Please see our blackboard for today’s selection.  

Selection of Tea and Coffee

Assam, Earl Grey and Tetley are available.

Cappuccino, filter and cafe creme. and of course espresso.

Liqueur Coffees - Many Types Available

Brandy & Almanac

100 +Different Malt Whiskies
From all regions of Scotland
Perhaps the finest selection in Dumfries and Galloway. We have Lowland whiskies such as Bladnoch, Scotland’s furthest South distillery, just some six miles away. Island whiskies such as those from Islay and even as far away Orkney with two styles of Highland Park the most Northerly and furthest away from Galloway. We have an extensive range of Speyside malts perhaps the best of the best? We also include a large range of Highland whiskies ranging from the softer tastes of the West Coast to the more distinct Highland East Coast and inland Malts.

Good Food at The Galloway Arms
Relax in comfort and enjoy good food.  The Galloway Arms has two  refurbished eateries. We try to source as much as possible of our ingredients from local suppliers. In 2008 we were recognised and recommended by the UK Lonely Planet Guide for our food.
Fresh Soup of the Day.  
One of Chef Ian’s almost legendary soups.  Fresh soup made from the finest ingredients, Scotland is famous for fresh soup no doubt due to our cold Winter climate.  Choices can range from traditional broths to the lighter more modern flavours.  

Sweet N Sour Chicken   
Three tender chicken pieces, fried in batter and served with our own sweet & sour sauce.

Three Pudds to Start.  
White pudding, black pudding and haggis.  White or mealy pudding is an Aberdeen favourite, black pudding always is associated with Northern England and of course haggis is as Scottish as my dress kilt.  Here we offer a slice of each in a beautiful Scottish sweet white sauce that includes the liqueurs Heather Cream and Glayva.

Smoked Salmon Pate with Orkney Oatcakes.
Scottish salmon is perhaps the best in the World.  Our smoked salmon comes from the smokehouse in Creetown, just along the A 75 so it could perhaps not be more local.  Our accompanying oatcakes however come from as far as possible from here and still remain a Scottish product, Stromness in Orkney.  Lovely smooth and light pate served on wonderful oatcakes.

Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Balls.  
A signature dish of “The Galloway”.  Not what you may be thinking, but actually haggis balls.  Fresh haggis is rolled into balls battered then deep fried. These are then served on a bed of greens in a sauce that contains citrus fruits, redcurrants, ginger and of course the Prince’s own secret recipe spirit, Drambuie.  Charlie lost the war, but wins the food battle.

Mussels in a Creamy Sauce.- Starter Size
Mussels in a creamy sauce was never a French dish, NO our friends across Channel came to Scotland to form the “Auld Alliance” a Scottish - French pact in mutual defence against successive aggressive English Kings.  When the French were in Scotland, visiting a Stewart King in Edinburgh, they stole our recipe.  Fresh tasty Scottish mussels steamed then bathed in a cream sauce.

Carsluith Smoked Salmon.  
One of the best starters in the World.  Scottish salmon smoked in oak chips in our local smokehouse.  This is then sliced and delivered to our door three times a week.

Galloway Combo.  
An ideal starter to share for two. Coated mushrooms, onion rings, potato wedges, garlic bread.  Dig in and feel free to use your fingers.

Modern Meals, Dippers and Burgers
Burgers, Burgers, Burgers

The Famous Galloway Burger - Ayrshire Style
Two fresh burgers in a bun, topped with bacon and served with a side salad  and french fries

The Famous Galloway Burger - Hawaii Style
Two burgers in a bun, topped with a large  pineapple slice and served with a side salad  and french fries

Chicken Burger   
Two  chicken burgers, white meat in batter, in a bun, served with side salad and french fries.   

The Burger Free Zone
Meat Dishes
Our beef all comes from local butchers.  We never use imported meat or ever will.  We will never use GM foods.

Steak, Whisky and  Mushroom with a Pie Lid
Another signature dish of the hotel.  We have had this on our menu for some years.  Finest beef.  Cooked here in our kitchen in a mushroom sauce  that contains a touch of Isle of Skye whisky.

Roast Beef Dinner
Once again the success of the dish is down to it’s ingredients.  Finest Galloway beef sourced locally.  Here we again take  local beef and cook this in our kitchen, none of that pink nonsense, beef cooked through.  Served in Chef Ian’s delicious gravy with a traditional pudding and all the trimmings.

Galloway Beef in Bladnoch Malt Whisky  
Another of our modern original Scottish dishes.  Slices of best Galloway silverside beef guaranteed from local farms.  Served in alight creamy containing amongst other ingredients a generous splash of Bladnoch Malt Whisky from Scotland’s most Southerly distillery.

Galloway Venison   
Fresh collops (pieces) of venison.  Supplied ONLY from six Galloway estates and prepared by a local game dealer, then cooked from fresh here in our own kitchen in a rich sauce containing red wine.  Savour the true taste of venison, not the strong over powerful meat supplied to big towns and cities.

Solway Sirloin Steak   
Scottish steak at it’s best.  Finest Galloway meat.  A minimum of 9 oz uncooked weight of local prime steak, supplied by our butcher six days of the week.  Cooked to your preference and served with all the trimmings.

Finest Local Fillet Steak  
Perhaps the best of the best.  Again finest local beef  bought from a local butcher who only takes product from selected local farms.  Cooked to your preference and always fresh.

Steak Sauces  We suggest.

Bonnie Prince Charlie: With Drambuie to make an interesting   slightly sweet sauce.
Heather & Spice: Here we use Glayva, for a sweeter and   more complex flavour.
Uisge Beatha:  The traditional Scottish sauce using   our own Scotch Whisky
Napoleon:  With French brandy.  Powerful but not   as distinct a flavour as whisky.
Diane:  A creamy sauce, well known and loved.

Pepper Sauce:  Hotter with a complex flavour to com  plement the meat.

Your own suggestion?

Fish Dishes
Our fish is always fresh and never frozen.  Haddock and sea bass is delivered from Ayr.  Scallops (when available) from Kirkcudbright and salmon from Carsluith.

Fish (Beer battered), Chips & Peas.
A more traditional dish you could not find.  Being Scotland we use haddock not cod.  Fresh caught haddock done in Chef,s own batter,made with a helping of Best beer, served with chips and peas.

Cree Kettle.
A few shelves of our underground Whisky Cellar
The Old Toll House - set for an evening private party.